Welcome to my art studio

Hello my name is Antoinette.

At studio 57 I have the perfect environment to combine both of my passions, art and design.

As long as I can remember I have always felt the need to create.

Over the years it has taken many forms, from working as an art teacher to a career in Interior Design. Whilst both building and architecture still fascinate me, recently my focus has moved. Rather than designing and selecting the décor for clients I am now creating it! The desire to pick up the tools of an artist and paint what I saw became the more urgent need.

Working in oils I paint on a variety of materials, from standard canvases and board to recycled native timber. Using mainly my own photographs as reference I apply the oils by brush and palette knife, building up the layers to capture light and add depth.


My Inspiration

Taking inspiration from the natural world as well as the built environment, I enjoy shining a light on the ‘everyday things’ in life.

Using a combination of contemporary realism and imagery I use rich vibrant colours to meticulously replicate common place objects and scenery.

In an earlier collection the subject was water and the reflected images of boats, earth and sky.

Another body of work, whilst still having water and nature as its central theme, is more abstract in style. The individual pieces have a rich and varied colour palette. Taking inspiration from the naturally occurring thermal activity within the Central Plateau, where I live.  I aimed to capture some of its explosive energy!

The Balkans sweeping landscapes and historic ruins lead to further experimentation with texture on board resulting in a collection of moody pieces that invoke a response.

My Art Exhibitions

Interested in my work?